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Add an extra level of security and privacy to electronic file folders via a password

Add an extra level of security and privacy to electronic file folders via a password

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Program license: Trial version

Program by: ThunderSoft

Version: 11.1.0

Works under: Windows


Program license

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Trial version

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Folder Password Lock Pro is a simple and useful program that lets you lock folders on your computer and keep your private or personal information away from others.

Whether you're in school, have a full-time job, or work from home, you may share your computer with at least one other person. This might be a roommate, a child, or even a spouse. If you have overnight guests or friends who stop by, you may need to let them use your computer too. With Folder Password Lock Pro, you can now lock certain folders and keep others from accessing your information.

This program is very easy to use. You can open the program, do a search to find the folder you want to lock, and ask the program to lock it for you. You also have the option of locking an individual file on your computer, a file inside a specific folder, or a whole folder. The program will show you the name of the item you selected and its current status. It also shows you when you locked that item.

Options on the right side of the program screen let you unlock an entire folder or a single file inside a folder. You can also remove files from a locked folder without unlocking that folder first. In addition to working on files and folders on your computer, it can work with external devices like a flash drive or a hard drive.

With security alerts, you will now know when someone tries to access one of those locked folders. The program can automatically send an alert to the email address you registered if someone attempts to open that folder and uses the wrong password five times. It can also lock that user out for ten minutes. Thanks to its stealth mode, you can now run this program without anyone else knowing that you have it.

The downside to Folder Password Lock Pro is that it only lets you use one password. All the files and folders you lock will use the same password, which makes it easier for an individual to access your computer. Another issue is that the program is quite expensive. You need to both pay and register the program to access all its features. If you have money in your budget and need to lock specific computer files and folders though, Folder Password Lock Pro helps you easily lock all those files


  • Downloads and installs pretty quickly
  • Great for anyone who shares a computer with others
  • Is compatible with external devices like hard drives and flash drives
  • Has an alert feature that informs you when someone accesses a protected folder
  • Lets you easily add a password to any offline folder for protecting your files


  • Only lets you use one password for all folders
  • Can cause a security issue if others know your password
  • Is pretty expensive when compared to similar programs
  • Some computers already let you lock your folders without using a special program

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